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About Us


Intelligent property Solutions is a bespoke property Acquisition & Sales Network company with a niche market appeal to discerning clients who value the inside track to quality information and opportunity. Incorporating over twenty years of experience through a variety of sensitive markets, IPS have the solutions that depict opportunity, whether selling or investing, IPS are able to define the opportunity and attract the necessary outcome! We have a unique window of opportunity to extract value in the challenged South African property market for both buyer and seller. Our analysis reflects pricing as it once was in certain categories to almost ten years back, before any commencement of the incline. We equally believe that the opportunity exists now in certain asset classes through specific channels and for a period 36 months, before the next cycle begins to take shape. For sellers, the best way to captivate a market is to position your product in such a way to escape market condition and align value with possibility! It is within that aspect that Intelligent Property Solutions make their mark within careful placement, positioning and overall stature through which we attract interest & opportunity!


With all the right people in all the right places countrywide, we provide a full suite of services that ensures the effortless process of a real transaction. Our list of value-added services and expertise includes the following:


This unique service offering presents a unique opportunity through a consultation process designed to ascertain invaluable information and provide clarity through an independent platform witch does not prejudice any process. We often find that when clients are in the market to either sell or acquire property, it is often in those instances that the dispensing party has a gain by the direction of information. IPS therefore are independent in nature providing a real platform with a realistic view!


We recognize the importance of managing your asset from cradle to grave, which incorporates a powerful build up mechanism to positioning the asset towards the ultimate sale factor. With our immediate expertise we are geared to direct the best possible angle for the asset to be sold through and manage the process. From an owners perspective having professional dedicated representation, accurate and direct feedback, means peace of mind and real dedicated added value solution.


Property in most instances requires a tailored presentation and pin point positioning format. We sometimes negate this fundamental principle of presentation and therefore have a unique staging approach, which deals with specific tailored methods in order to build the value of the property. We also include in our bouquet a bespoke interior design element, which incorporates furnishings to build the value and create a full turnkey positioning statement when showcasing the property.


Our in-house Marketing Department has close relationships with a wide variety of media houses, publications and service providers, which ensures that every asset enjoys maximum exposure and the widest possible reach. We take pride in our success rate of connecting the buyer with a seller, no matter


IPS have an established committed inner circle network. We sell major assets through our direct plug into these captains of industry and high net worth individuals. Our inner circle enjoys the privacy of getting to hear about the possible investment first and being able to acquire the asset well before it goes to the general market, generally a low-key under the radar transaction!


We offer insight and information on trends and opportunities. We collate the information, package and direct investors. This service offers our clients the ease of reference and creates an anonymous effect for people who don’t want to be hassled with volumes of emails and information from a multiple sources.


Our highly qualified valuers can expertly identify and accurately value any type of asset in any part of the country. Their accuracy ensures that your expectations are always met, allowing you to comfortably make the right decisions.


We provide specific value added property information, through our team of direct access experts, taking into account ever changing laws which require understanding and implementation when constructing agreements relating to sale, acquisition or general property information & structures.


Our Operations Team have the know-how to ensure that each and every administrative procedure is taken care of, which ensures that everything leading up to a sale runs smoothly and without any hassle. We make every transaction effortless.




The IPS mission is to provide a service that ensures top results for both buyers and sellers of high-value assets By providing this service we will build winning and long lasting relationships with all of our clients and through the strength of our network and mechanisms we deliver unequalled service every time.


Our team consists of a group of passionate and dedicated professionals. Trained to identify and provide value, they have been groomed to ensure that all clients are given the kind of treatment they would expect from market leaders. With representatives located throughout the country, there is simply nowhere that is out of our reach. When you put us to the test we deliver, every time!